/Dr. Nathaly Reyes Garcés
Analysis of pesticides in cannabis products
Analysis of pesticides in cannabis products
2 Oct 2019

In this video, Dr. Nathaly Reyes Garcés explains a simple workflow for the accurate analysis of pesticides in cannabis products via solvent extraction and GC analysis. Colton Myers discusses his work analyzing terpenes in cannabis through headspace analysis. Myers identifies the difficulties in getting the less volatile terpenes into the gas stage and how Restek is overcoming these challenges. Ashlee Gerardi outlines the focus for Restek and how its team can help with bespoke cannabis testing workflows and method development, in the face of ongoing changes within the industry, new regulations coming into place and state-to-state differences.

This video won the Analytical Science Video Interview of the Year in the 2020 Scientists' Choice Awards. Find out more about the awards here

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